ZWIFT-MMP Rider type determination (Global ver)

This is a tool for judging the type of rider based on the data of Japanese ZWIFTERs collected from ZWIFT-POWER.
There is no specific basis for this, so please just have fun.
Enter your best power for the past 90 days
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20min w
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ZMP (*)

Detail and adjust weight
ZMP (*)
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(Update History)
2020/6/2 Japanese version released
2021/2/7 Global version released

ZMP (Zwift mean maximal power point)

ZMP is the total power and power-to-weight ratio for each time period, weighted according to their importance in the race.
There is no specific basis for this, but it should be a more accurate indicator of your capabilities than just using FTP alone.

2021/1/25 3R Volcano Climb Race
2021/1/29 TDZ Stage 6: Group Ride (cat C)
2021/1/30 Crit City Race
2021/1/31 3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race